Our Mission

We are a non-profit yoga organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds for environmental and humanitarian issues that need our collective help.

By flowing with us, you enjoy a groovy yoga class, a bendy body and an expanding mind and spirit (plus yogi made chai for in-person classes).

You leave with a strong connection to people and our planet, while we take your donation, gift wrap it, soak in love and hand it over to the cause you flowed for.

Think of it as a donation towards a great cause, and you get a free class to go along with great Karma.

Lastly, we believe that setting a powerful intent on the mat can lead to important discussions off the mat and drive us closer to a world with more peace.

Our Offerings

We believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone, and that is why our public classes are pay what you can. We will always welcome you with open hearts to join the movement and be a member
of our community regardless of your experience level or how much you can pay.

Current Causes

Each year we select partners who believe are helping shape a better world. We also believe that tackling issues from a community level is a good place to start. If there has been something impacting your local community and you’d like to raise funds, please contact us.

A large part of your contributions go here:

Protecting our Planet

Cleaning our Ocean

Helping Conflict Zones

Humanitarian Aid

Let’s stay connected

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